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    2. Palette Swapped: Ep.129 - 04/16/14

      It’s been so long since I’ve done a live set on my show (my birthday episode in October was the last) and it’s still just as fun as ever! I played a lot of stuff from the past couple of years that I’ve been digging currently. The first hour was a lot more UK based while the second hour had more stuff from Japan. A surprising amount of free downloads were played in this episode as well!

      The next two weeks will be fund drive episodes so I hope you have your money ready; we have a brand new KUCI branded premium to reveal!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      Moogl3 - It’s Never Enough - [USHC Vol. 1]
      Gammer - Bust - [Single]
      Q-Tex - Power of Love (Dj Kurt Powerstomp Remix) - [Single]

      Daft Punk - Doin’ It Right (Triplestar Bootleg Remix) - [Free Download!]
      Zedd Feat. Foxes - Clarity (Ailurus Remix) - [Free Download!]
      DJ Noriken - Helpless - [One After Another]

      +Gammer - Nostalgia - [Nostalgia EP - Free Download!]
      +WeAreCastor - Eskimo (Savant Remix) - [Free Download!]
      DJ Shimamura - Shaftholic - [MAX]

      +Chasers - The Grid - [N/A]
      +JTS - Resistance (Scott Brown Remix) - [Single]
      kors k - Shout - [Hardcore United Tokyo]

      Crazy Astronaut feat. VG - Funky Shit 2014 (WIMP Version) - [Free Download!]

      Seven Lions with Myon and Shane 54 - Strangers (Rhythmics Edit) - [Free Download!]
      XIO - Sapporo Hardcore Dream - [YATSUZAKI HARDCORE VOLUME 3]
      +ClariS - Irony (DJ Fortify Remix) - [Free Download!]

      Shoji Meguro - Reach Out To The Truth (Moonbug REMIX) - [AT1st ~Persona3&Persona4~ Club Arrange]
      源屋 (Minamotoya) - Into the Night (kors k 2012 Remix) - [S2TB Files2:Activate]
      Takahiro Eguchi vs XIO - Ultra Salmon Spice - [Nanosweep16]

      DJ Shimamura - Believing Thought There (DJ Noriken Remix) - [MEGATROPOLIS - DYNASTY COLLECTIVE VOL.2]
      Tom Swoon, Myon & Shane 54 Feat. Taylr Renee - Wings (Rhythmics Edit) - [Free Download!]
      Freezer feat. せんざい - Fireheart (XIO Remix) - [REMIXES VOL.3 - Free Download!]

      Rhythmics - My World (DJ Shimamura Remix) - [Single]
      Ino - Lifesized - [MIXIM vol.03 DnB]
      Cube::Hard & Douglas - Codex (Darwin Remix) - [Single]

      +Gammer - Good Life (Bad Day) - [Nostalgia EP - Free Download!]
      Perfume - ポリリズム (TANUKI Remix) - [Free Download!]

    3. Palette Swapped: Ep.128 - 04/09/14

      Pretty great show this week! Started off hard with some hardstyle (which I rarely get to) and later played a pretty chill mix by Ta-ku that you can download for free by clicking on the link below!

      Since KUCI’s spring fund drive starts two weeks from now, I’m going to be doing my live mixed episode REALLY early this month and it’ll be happening next week! I hope you tune in to this special episode because they’re always insanely fun for me!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      USAO - Radiant - [Massive Circlez 3]
      Frontliner - Weekend Warriors (Official Defqon.1 2013 Anthem) - [Single]

      +NIHILS - Lovers on the run (Virtual Riot Remix) - [Lovers on the Run (Remix EP)]
      +Astronaut - Quantum (Kaidos Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +Syn Cole - Miami 82 (Jonathan Kane Remix) - [Free Download!]

      livetune feat. Hatsune Miku - Redial - [Re:Dial]
      +kamome sano - waveform - [Free Download!]
      Sota Fujimori - Back Into The Light - [N/A]

      —————Ta-ku - Drive Slow, Homie Pt. III—————
      B.Lewis - LaxedOut
      M-Phazes - Swaggerific
      M-Phazes - Mojito
      Louis Futon - Sir Rock

      IAMNOBODI - Schillerpromenade
      The Pharcyde - Runnin’ (AbJo Refix)
      Khadisma - Relatively
      Khadisma - Lately

      fwdslxsh - 4 U
      Cassie - Me & You (RLP Remix)
      Falcxne - Feel Me
      R. Kelly - Legs Shakin (Promnite Remix)

      ♡ EMOJI KING ♡ - Slow It Down BB
      R-ASH - You Are My High
      Yung Stn - Down
      Justin Bieber - All That Matters (ETM Remix)

      jco - Leave me while you can - [Free Download!]
      栗山千明 (Chiaki Kuriyama) - voice remix - [0]

      Higedriver - Mighty Bomb Jack (Hey! speed Remix) - [cosMo Driver ∞UP]

    4. Palette Swapped: Ep.127 - 04/02/14

      First show of the new quarter and first two-hour show in almost a year! Tons of new releases and free downloads this week so get on that!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      Eagle - S!ck (VIP) - [S2TB Files3:Subsonic Tribe]
      +Carbon Airways - Black Sun (Kill Paris Remix) - [Black Sun]

      +Bachelors of Science - Beats Still Own the Rhythm - [Escapism]
      +Champion - Crystallise - [Escapism]
      +Dan Dakota - Telecaster - [Escapism]
      +DPB - Thinking About - [Escapism]

      +SLDGHMR & Crywolf - We Could Be Heaven - [Free Download!]
      +Sub.Sound - Free Time - [Free Download!]
      +MitiS vs. Linkin Park - Castle of Sin (Psyprus Sun Vocal Edit) - [Free Download!]

      +Shawn Wasabi - Uncool Lunch Tables - [Free Download!]
      +Paramore - Still Into You (Synchronice Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +Psycho Crooks - A2B - [Single]

      +Mosaik - Icarus (Need a Name Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +Tycho - Dye - [Awake]
      Boards of Canada - Jacquard Causeway - [Tomorrow’s Harvest]
      Infinity Shred - Shadow Jeweler - [Sanctuary]

      Yoko Ueno, Yuji Yoshino, Yuko Asai & Shigeyoshi Kawagoe - Forgotten Days -Village of the Secret- - [Genso Suikoden Celtic Collection 2]

      Maxo - Radiant Wasteland - [LEVEL MUSIC 9]

    5. Palette Swapped Returns for Season 11 Tonight!

      Like there was any question. :P

      For the first time in almost a year, Palette Swapped finally goes back to a 2-hour timeslot! I’m always excited for this because it means the live hardcore mixes will be back! As usual, these episodes will land on the last show of every month (except this month where I’ll be doing it a week prior due to the fund drive happening).

      Tune in tonight to hear a whole lot of new music!

    6. Palette Swapped: Ep.126 - 03/26/14

      This was one of the hardest “best of” playlists I’ve ever had to construct. So many good tracks and even with three hours, STILL not enough time. I had to cut several tracks in the end. On top of that was how much a pain in the ass it was to organize in some kind of palatable structure.

      Well, I hope all my hard work paid off because I was completely digging every track I played tonight! Stay tuned for news about what will be happening next quarter!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      Cube::Hard & Douglas - Codex (Darwin Remix) - [Single]
      +Perfume - Polyrhythm (TANUKI Remix) - [Free Download!]

      Fracus & Darwin ft. Mark Slammer - Succeed (Liquicity Exclusive Edit) - [N/A]
      MitiS - Change Will Come - [Free Download!]

      +Barely Alive feat. Spock & Directive - Chasing Ghosts (Virtual Riot Remix) - [Lost in the Internet EP]
      Virtual Riot & Sub.Sound - Where Are You - [Sugar Rush EP]
      +sssShawnnnn - Mac n’ Cheese (live mashup) - [Free Download!]
      +Chris Poirier - Happy Hour - [Free Download!]

      meganeko - Super Gamer Girl 3D - [Robot Language]
      Perturbator - Miami Disco - [Hotline Miami]
      capsule - You are the reason - [FLASH BACK]

      鼻そうめんP - Unfragment (Hiroyuki ODA 2012 Remix) - [Unfragment Remixes]
      +Jessie J - Domino (Malmen Remix) - [N/A]
      Ziki_7 - Stickerbrush Symphony - [N/A]

      +Crywolf & Ianborg - Stay - [Free Download!]
      nervous_testpilot - The Fix - [Frozen Synapse: Red EP]
      Electromagnetic Blaze - Blazy Clouds - [Electromagnetism]

      +KRANE - Too Cute - [N/A]
      +AWE - Crystals - [Single]
      +Cashmere Cat - With Me - [Wedding Bells]
      +FVLCRVM - Gospel of Juke - [Notch EP]

      +Viole - Paper Birds ft. Kendrick Lamar (Galimatias Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +Gabrielle Aplin - Start of Time (EBY Remix) - [Free Download!]
      Naminé - Spacific Ocean - [EP]
      Mitch Murder - In the News - [Current Events]

      +Above & Beyond - On a Good Day (feat. Annie Drury) - [Acoustic]
      +Knight One ft. L’Étranger - A Second Time - [Swords Cry]
      Mosaik - Icarus (ft Hunz) - [Aerials]
      +SPEAK - Peaks - [Peaks EP - Free Download!]

      Manabu Namiki & Kimihiro Abe - Blue Desert - [Opoona]
      Otograph - bye bye Monsters - [PixelJunk Monsters]
      fn - cool runnings - [2011 ep]

      ハイスイノナサ (Haisuinonasa) - 地下鉄の動態 (Chikatetsu no dōtai - Dynamics of the Subway) - [動物の身体 (Dōbutsu no karada - Animal Bodies)]
      Anamanaguchi - Viridian Genesis - [Endless Fantasy]

      CHON - Puddle - [Newborn Sun]

    7. Palette Swapped: Ep.125 - 03/19/14

      As the penultimate episode to the end of the quarter, it’s the last time you’ll be able to hear the lovely Machinarium soundtrack behind my voice. Because of this, I decided to try another giveaway. No one won FEZ when I did this last quarter but this time there was a winner! Congrats to user @rbtrage on Twitter; I hope you enjoy the game!

      I mentioned on the air I wanted to link a couple of things so I’ll do that here. Maybe I’ll just make a “Show Notes” part of the playlist from now on. Here’s the Link’s Awakening ending I mentioned in the first hour and the Dark Souls II: Rogue Warrior commercial I mentioned in the last hour.

      Last episode of the quarter is next week. If you haven’t caught many episodes from this quarter, this will be the one you won’t wanna miss!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      +Darren Styles - Satellite (Update) - [Free Download!]
      Q-Tex - Like An Angel (Dj Kurt Remix) - [Single]

      +Felxprod - Endless - [Free Download!]
      +Hobbie Stuart - Still Here (Gemini Remix) - [Single]
      +Koven - Another Home - [Free Download!]

      Paul Webster feat. Angelic Amanda - Time (Sean Tyas Remix) - [Single]
      Hiroyuki ODA - Revive - [Revive EP]

      ————Silk Royal Showcase 232 - Sundriver Guest Mix————
      Mbase - Holding On (Sundriver Remix)
      Tom Middleton - WYV AUW CHU
      Lessov - Bleyban (Shingo Nakamura Remix)

      Marsh - Waiting For The Mail Man (Jayeson Andel Remix)
      EDU & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Around The Sun (LTN Remix)
      BXT - White Lynx

      Shingo Nakamura - The Four (Sundriver Remix)
      Silence Groove - Wrong Way Again
      Tom Middleton - GODA CEE YUU (Dub Mix)

      +EvenS - Firenze - [Free Download!]
      +Daughter - Smother (Tennyson Remix) - [Single]
      +Iglooghost - Yellowfours (Greyhat Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +Big Wild - La Brisa - [Free Download!]

      tofubeats - 朝が来るまで終わる事の無いダンスを (The Never-ending Dance Until The Morning) (2012mix)  - [Free Download!]
      +Porter Robinson
      - Sea of Voices (RAC Mix) - [Single]
      +Kraak & Smaak - How We Gonna Stop The Time (Monitor 66 Remix) - [N/A]

      Protector 101 - Cleaning Up the Streets (Album Version) - [Paperboy 3: The Hard Way]
      Zero Call - Battle of Young - [A Struggle Between Right or Wrong]

      ko0x - level2 - [bitpop worlds]

    8. lanasays:

more blender work


      more blender work

    9. Palette Swapped: Ep.124 - 03/12/14

      And I return; the rightful heir to the throne! Whenever I get a sub for my show, it always feels like such a long time that I’ve been away even though it’s usually just an extra week. Either way, I totally loved today’s playlist and I hope you did too.

      Be sure to tune in next week for a chance to win the game my BGM has originated from this quarter: Machinarium!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      +Cashmere Cat - With Me - [Wedding Bells]
      Le1f - Free Kiki - [Tree House]

      +Barely Alive feat. Spock & Directive - Chasing Ghosts (Virtual Riot Remix) - [Lost in the Internet EP]
      +Emalkay - Tell Me (Rogue Remix) - [For the People (The Remixes)]
      Kicks n Licks - Own The Night (ft. Nicole Millar) - [Free Download!]

      +Syn Cole - Miami 82 (kamome sano remix) - [N/A]
      capsule - You are the reason - [FLASH BACK]
      Kebu - Perplexagon (Live @ Nosturi, 2012) - [N/A]

      ————————MitiS - Touch Tour Mix————————
      MitiS - The Opening Pt. II
      BT - Skylarking (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
      Pegboard Nerds Ft. Splitbreed - High Roller (Far Too Loud Remix)
      John Dahlback & Greg Cerrone feat. Janice Robinson - Every Breath (Lucky Date Remix)

      MitiS - Expose
      Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For (Let’s Be Friends Remix)
      Far Too Loud - Doomsday Machine
      MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt. 3

      MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt. 4
      MitiS - Born
      Wasted Penguinz - Raindropz
      MitiS - Touch

      MitiS - You
      Fred V & Grafix - Major Happy
      MitiS - Pain
      Sub Focus - Tidal Wave (Feat. Alpines)

      The M Machine - Schadenfreude (Tantrum Desire Remix)
      MitiS - Change Will Come
      MitiS Feat. Anna Yvette - Open Window

      +Cashmere Cat - Rice Rain - [Wedding Bells]
      +How To Dress Well - Words I Don’t Remember (Ruddyp Refix) - [Free Download!]
      +Tensnake - First Song (feat. MNEK) - [Glow]
      +Gabrielle Aplin - Start of Time (EBY Remix) - [Free Download!]

      Manabu Namiki & Kimihiro Abe - Blue Desert - [Opoona]
      David Wise & Kenji Yamamoto - Twilight Terror - [Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze]
      SuperSweep - Escaping the Forest - [3D Dot Game Heroes]

      +Keep Shelly in Athens - Old Time Glory - [Free Download!]
      Futurecop! - Tonight’s Hero (ft. Keith Masters & Diamond Cut) - [It’s Forever, Kids]
      Mitch Murder - In the News - [Current Events]

      Anamanaguchi - Pastel Flags - [Endless Fantasy]

    10. Palette Swapped - 03/05/14 - [SUB]

      I’m INCREDIBLY sad that I was unable to host my second intern this quarter, but I was in some horrible pain and was in no way fit to do my show. Fortunately, Valerie of The Heart Beats Machine pulled through for me and not only ran the show but also taught intern Bear (no, not a real bear) and let him play music for 2/3 of the show! I heard some of it and it was so good. Makes me doubly pissed that I wasn’t able to come do my show.

      I put a lot of work into finding what albums and free downloads of every song Bear played so I hope you be sure to check out those links.

      I’ll be back next week so I hope you’ll be tuned in!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      Gesaffelstein - Out Of Line - [Aleph]
      +Ghost Bike - The German Ocean - [Sun of the Dead]
      +Nite Haus - Shy Girl - [Transform the Dark]

      +Trust - Barely - [Joyland]
      Blood Orange - You’re Not Good Enough - [Cupid Deluxe]
      +Bavaria - We Break Through - [We’ll Take A Dive]
      +Milosh - Skipping - [Jetlag]

      +Kid Droid - Waves (Plexus Instruments’ Tokyo Electric Remix) - [Project Onyx  Remixes]
      +Om Unit - The Silence (feat. Jinadu) - [Threads]
      +Tosca - Stuttgart - [Odeon]

      +Burial - Hiders - [Rival Dealer]

      —————————Bear’s Music—————————
      Flying Lotus - 1983 - [1983]
      +M.I.A.  - YALA (Falcons Remix) - [Free Download!]
      Yung Gud - U Want Me - [Free Download!]
      Young Dro - FDB (LAKIM Remix) - [Free Download!]

      esta. - WhateverUNeed (ft. JBird) - [Paradise]
      Mr. Carmack -  The Next Morning - [Vibes, Vol. 2]
      +Blacksmif - 23 Waist (Star Slinger Remix) - [Single]
      Skream - Rollercoaster (feat. Sam Frank) - [Single]
      King Henry - I Smoke, I Drink - [Free Download!]

      Robert Glasper Experiment - Move Love (Kaytranada Edition) - [Free Download!]
      Pomo - So Fine - [Free Download!]
      +Sango - Pra Nós - [Da Rocinha 2]
      Rich Boy - Throw Some D’s (VESTIGE Remix) - [Free Download!]

      +The Weeknd - Or Nah (Stwo Edit) - [Free Download!]
      +J-Louis - IM A NICE DUDE - [Free Download!]
      +esta. - Peache$ - [N/A]

      +Snakehips - Miss U Always - [N/A]
      +Cazal Organism - Everyday’s Dilla Day, Nigga - [N/A]

      Penthouse Penthouse - Private Jet - [N/A]
      BANKS - Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +Cherokee feat. Darianna - Don’t Matter (FKJ Remix) - [N/A]
      Bondax - Giving It All - [Free Download!]

      FKJ - So Much to Me - [Time for a Change]
      AWE - Jurassic (Mr. Carmack Remix) - [N/A]
      Freddie Joachim - Strawberries - [Free Download!]
      GRiZ - Fall In Love Too Fast - [Mad Liberation - Free Download!]

      Wild Belle - It’s Too Late (Snakehips Remix) - [N/A]
      Migos x Rich The Kid - Jumpin’ Like Jordan (LAKIM Remix) - [N/A]
      Wayvee x J.u.D. - Lost (Feat. Gucci Mane) - [Free Download!]
      Sweater Beats - Feel Me (Falcons Remix) - [That Feel]
      Salute - Diamond Glares - [Free Download!]

      Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Remix) - [Free Download!]
      Late Nite Tuff Guy - Pull Us Apart (L.N.T.G. Rework) - [Tuff Edits Volume Three]



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