1. Palette Swapped: Ep.147 - 08/27/14

      Pretty chill show tonight. Don’t forget to check out the free downloads for this week below!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      +Gammer & Whizzkid - We Killed The Rave (2 Turntables 1 Mixer Edit) - [Muffin Music: Literally Everything (Not Literally)]
      +源屋 (Minamotoya) - Let me go - [花紅柳緑エリュシオン (Elysian Fields)]

      +Wilkinson - Dirty Love feat. Talay Riley - [Single]
      Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Tut Tut Child Remix) - [Free Download!]
      Light of Night - Love in the Space - [Missed Control EP]

      +Akira Complex feat. ARISA - Transmission - [The Synthesis Collective]
      +Virtual Riot - You Know Me - [Single]
      +Haywyre - Everchanging - [Single]

      ——————————USAO - OSANPO Mix——————————
      Televisor - Stand Up
      EDDR & Rundfunk - Hush
      Tyler Touché - Baguette?
      Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

      Televisor - Closer
      Kill Paris - Falling In Love Again Feat. Marty Rod & Alma (Kill Paris & Bee’s Knees Keytar Mix)
      Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Robotaki Remix)
      Goldroom - Only You Can Show Me ft. Mereki Beach (The Knocks Remix)

      Madeon - For You
      Robotaki - Raton Laveur
      95 Royale - Too Late (Tyler Touche Remix)
      TalesWeaver - Steppers on line

      Tropic of Pisces - Symmetry (Lenno Remix)
      The Fire Flowerz - Slippin
      TalesWeaver - 大人たちの秘密の場所
      Van She - Idea of Happiness (Robotaki Remix)

      HIM - Scared to Death (Diamond Cut Remix)
      M’Black- Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix)
      Earth, Wind and Fire - September (James Egbert Remix)
      Chromeo - Jealous (I Ain’t With It)

      EDDR & Rundfunk - Pinup
      Lenno - Show More Love Feat. Zak Waters
      Candyland & Zak Waters - Not Coming Down (Boney Remix)
      Mat Zo & Porter Robinson - Easy

      Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love (Boney Remix)
      Dan & Sam feat. Maxx Hennard - Walls (Shawn Mitiska Remix)
      DCUP - Don’t Be Shy (Wave Racer Remix)
      Flight Facilities - Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Wave Racer Remix)

      +SPEAK - Peaks (Cezar Nedelcu Mix) - [Free Download!]
      Nightbox - Burning (PINEO Remix) - [Free Download!]
      Starfucker - The White of Noon - [Reptilians]

      +Malmen - Nightmare Come True - [N/A]

    2. Palette Swapped: Ep.146 - 08/20/14

      Celebrated Comiket 86 with some new releases from there in the first hour! Following that, you got a double dose of mixes! See you next week!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      +DJ Noriken - It’s So Buggy (Ajadowe) - [HARDCORE SYNDROME 8]
      +kors k feat. Yukacco - On the Beat - [S2TB Gathering 2014 EP]

      +Akira Complex - Odyssey (Au5 Remix) - [The Synthesis Collective]
      +Sushi Killer - Zora (Live Mashup) - [Free Download!]
      +Ganar - Never Let Me Go (Gavin G Remix) - [Gavin G EP]
      +Defekt & XIO - Dreamworld (Skeets & Ian K Remix) - [N/A]

      +aran - Immemorial Wind - [SATURDAYS]
      +Maor Levi - Pixel Hearts - [Pixel Hearts EP]

      ———————Only Silk 086 - Mixed by Max Flyant———————
      ??? - ???
      ??? - ???
      Ri9or - At Home

      Espen & Shane Robinson - In Motion
      Blugazer - Ethereal Concepts
      Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile - Altair (Guy J Remix)

      Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic - Route 85 (2014 Rework)
      ??? - ???
      Tyoma - 1st

      ——————————Malibee - Dench Disko——————————
      Harris Cole - Tell Me
      PWNDTIAC - Hey Girl
      Glen Check - Pacific (Glen Check Summer Remix)

      Maxwell - Ascension (Aywy. & Sh?m Edit)
      Acquarium - Day Cruise
      Walter Sobcek (ft. Mereki) - Midnight Crush (Mattanoll Remix)

      Tove Lo - Habits (Oliver Nelson Remix)
      Skibblez & Hunter - Venice Beach
      Body Language - Good Things

      Glenn Jones - I’m Somebody (∞ Pakem ∞ Revision)
      Où sont les filles ? - Mon Bain (Dim Sum Remix)
      Kyogi - Not Good Enough (Jean Tonique Remix)

      Janet Jackson - Can’t Be Good (Allure Remix)
      Acquarium - Blue Velvet
      Blonde (ft. Charli Taft) - Higher Ground (Tobtok Remix)

      Moon Boots - Whatever You Need
      Dwele - Lady (Wantigga Flip)

      +A. G. Cook - Beautiful - [Free Download!]

    3. Palette Swapped: Ep.145 - 08/13/14

      I rarely ever play a whole album on my show but this time it was pretty much required. Porter Robinson’s “Worlds” album just came out and his been… ahem… my world for the past week. It is an utterly fantastic piece of art much like a good movie or book would be to others. If you missed this episode, I highly HIGHLY recommend checking out the album anywhere you can.

      I’ll link the two interviews from THUMP with Porter Robinson I played on my show a bit later but for now, I gotta head out! Catch you next week!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      +Porter Robinson - Language (T2Kazuya Remix) - [FREE RELEASES - Ⅰ]

      +Raise Spirit - When You’re Ready - [Galaxy of Dreams 2]
      Michael Cassette - Through the Windows (John B Remix) - [Single]
      +BMotion - Summer Glow - [Viper Presents: Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2014]

      +Jonathan Kane - Inhert - [Free Download!]
      +Deorro - Five Hours - [Single]
      Madeon - Pop Culture - [N/A]

      —————————Porter Robinson - Worlds—————————
      +Porter Robinson - Divinity (feat. Amy Millan)
      +Porter Robinson - Sad Machine
      +Porter Robinson - Years of War (feat. Breanne Düren & Sean Caskey)

      +Porter Robinson - Flicker
      +Porter Robinson - Fresh Static Snow
      +Porter Robinson - Polygon Dust (feat. Lemaitre)

      +Porter Robinson - Hear the Bells (feat. Imaginary Cities)
      +Porter Robinson - Natural Light
      +Porter Robinson - Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone)

      +Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices
      +Porter Robinson - Fellow Feeling
      +Porter Robinson - Goodbye to a World

      +Sci-Fi Scheme - Let You Go ft. Tasha Rose - [Free Download!]
      Lindsay Lowend - Bar Harbor - [Free Download!]
      +Skrux - Infinite ft. Anna Yvette - [Free Download!]

      +Grant Bowtie - Cloud Nine - [Single]
      AWE - Crystals - [Single]
      Rustie - All Nite - [Glass Swords]

      +Le Cassette - Radio (Silent Gloves Remix) - [Free Download!]
      Holy Ghost! - Hold My Breath - [Holy Ghost!]
      +XES - Black Tears (TOMMY’86 Remix) - [Single]

      sasakure.UK - *サヨナラ、ワールドエンド (*Sayonara, World End.) - [ボーカロイドは終末鳥の夢を見るか (Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Birds?)]

    4. Palette Swapped: Ep.144 - 08/06/14

      Really enjoyed tonight’s episode! If you happened to miss it, I urge you to check all of these songs out on your own at some point. At some point I should make a Spotify account so I can post that with the playlist.

      Next week’s episode is one not to miss. I’m going to be debuting Porter Robinson’s first ever album release Worlds in full and I couldn’t be more excited!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      +Gammer & Becci - Look Back - [N/A]
      +Re-Con - Scared - [Single]
      +Au5 feat. Danyka Nadeau - Follow You (Rhythmics Remix) - [Follow You (Remixes)]

      +Owl City - Fireflies (Malmen Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +T & Sugah feat. Ayve - Green Valleys - [Galaxy of Dreams 2]
      +Flite - I Won’t Follow - [Single]

      +Kruewl - Distant - [Free Download!]
      +Crywolf - Angels (T-Mass Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +Adventure Club Ft. Yuna - Gold (Twofold Remix) - [Free Download!]

      ——————Only Silk 085 - Mixed by Shingo Nakamura——————
      SNR - What Happens There (Louis Tan LowRide Mix)
      Barzek & Jethimself - Everest
      Amber Long & Robert Mason - Eggshells (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix)

      The Vehicle - You Won’t Find Another Me
      Fehrplay - Everywhere You Go (Club Mix)
      Guy J - Been Here Before (Envotion Remix - Ricky Ryan Dub Edit)

      Matt Fax - Avalon
      JORN & VITO - Lazy Sundays
      Morttagua & Zeppeliin - New Beginning (Luiz B & Matheus Teston Remix)

      Jaytech - Tank Logic

      +Chris McClenney - Mine - [N/A]
      +Yumi Shizukusa - I Don’t Love You (Jeftuz Remix) - [N/A]
      +OBESØN - Alone - [Free Download!]

      +Porter Robinson - Flicker - [Worlds]
      Neon Indian - Suns Irrupt - [Era Extraña]
      Anamanaguchi - Planet - [Endless Fantasy]

      toe - The Future Is Now - [The Future Is Now]
      MIRROR - Rain Falls - [on, then, in]
      LOW-PASS - Reconstruct - [trimurti]

      Turnover - Most of the Time - [Magnolia]

    5. allisonhouse:

Last week, Humans of Portland shared a photo of a couple laying in the grass and talking. The caption read, "We’re looking for the moon. Have you seen it?" I loved that idea—hanging out, scanning the sky—and it inspired this GIF. I documented some of the process here.


      Last week, Humans of Portland shared a photo of a couple laying in the grass and talking. The caption read, "We’re looking for the moon. Have you seen it?" I loved that idea—hanging out, scanning the sky—and it inspired this GIF. I documented some of the process here.

    6. Palette Swapped: Ep.143 - 07/30/14

      Mitch Murder’s new album Interceptor just dropped the other day so I featured my favorite tracks from it. Check it out if you liked the ones I played!

      Also thanks to Michael Wong for the request this week!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release
      ^ indicates request

      AWE - Crystals (Djemba Djemba Nightcore Remix) - [Single]
      Machinedrum - A New Meaning - [Free Download!]

      ^猫叉Master+ - encounter - [jubeat saucer Original Soundtrack -Gourzaemon-]
      Noisestorm - Surge (Drum & Bass Remix) - [Single]
      +Jake Kaufman - Turn Around (Remix) - [Free Download!]
      Mute Math - Chaos (Toksin’s Equilibrium mix) - [N/A]

      +Anamanaguchi - Prom Night (Hige Driver Remix) - [Free Download!]
      +SNR - What Happens There - [Single]
      +Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg vs. Project 46 & Soundwell feat. KORY - Waiting For Two To One - [Free Download!]

      ———————Solé x THUMP Fixtape Vol. 26: Tensnake———————
      Kraftwerk - Tour De France (Francois K Remix)
      Fort Romeau - Jack Rollin’
      Chicken Lips - He Not In

      Lindström - Eg-ged-Osis (Todd Terje Extended Edit)
      Kasper Bjørke - Rush feat. Tobias Buch (Brynjolfur Remix)
      Telex - Moskow Diskow

      Nancy Whang & Audiojack - Like An Eagle
      Isaac Tichauer - Changes
      Blende - Paramount

      Aksel Friberg - To Be There With You feat Kicki Halmos (Disco Mix)
      Erlend Øye - Ghost Trains (with Morgan Geist)
      Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (Tensnake Remix)

      +mitch murder - Race Day - [Interceptor]
      +mitch murder - Thanks For Playing - [Interceptor]
      +mitch murder - Stages - [Interceptor]
      +mitch murder - Traces to Nowhere - [Interceptor]

      +Lis - Something New - [Free Download!]
      Chrome Sparks - The Meaning Of Love - [Goddess]
      +Claire - My Audacity (EvenS Remix) - [Single]

      +josh pan & kuma - Submission - [Free Download!]
      +Photay - Reconstruct feat. Seafloor (Radio Edit) - [N/A]
      +Dawn Golden - Last Train (Daktyl Remix) - [Still Life]

      +Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne (Maxo Yo-yomix) - [Free Download!]

    7. Palette Swapped: Ep.142 - 07/23/14

      Lots of nonstop mixes in this episode! Huge thanks to my good friends Brian and Alex for their awesome mixes!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      +Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (dj-Jo Remix) - [Free Download!]

      Brookes Brothers - LoveLine (ft. Haz-Mat) - [Single]
      Netsky - No Strings Attached - [2 Deluxe]

      ————Angel-0A - Interstate Mini Mix————
      Interstate - Forever Yours
      Interstate - Lost Generation (Scott Brown Remix)
      Interstate - Vitality
      Interstate - Move Your Body
      Interstate - Roll the Track

      —————JBAG - Asia Tour Mixtape—————
      JBAG - Through Blue (feat. Kamp!) (Dub)
      Keljet feat. Mereki - Run This World
      Boys Get Hurt - Sea Through

      Ninetoes - Finder
      Panama - Strange Feeling (Casino Gold Rework)
      Avon Stringer - My Guitar (Jerry Bouthier Edit)

      Johnny Stimson - So Good (Fare Soldi Remix Dub)
      Mjolnir - Just A Boy (JBAG Dub)
      AndHim - Boy Boy Boy (Jerry Bouthier Edit)

      Teenage Mutants - Understand Me (Betoko Remix)
      Noo - No More
      Holy Ghost! - Bridge & Tunnel

      End - Adrift (Mannequine Remix)
      YYY - Work It To The Bone
      The Cure - Just Like Heaven (The Penelopes Dub Mix)

      ——————ALEX WOLFE - July Mix——————
      Route 94 - My Love (Henry Krinkle Remix)
      U2 - Ordinary Love (Pretty Pink Remix)
      Chris Lorenzo - I Wanna Be

      Duke Dumont - Won’t Look Back
      Groove Armada - You Got To
      Amtrac - The Scheme

      Panda - Feeling Good
      Tourist - Never Stop
      Hellberg & Teqq - Air (Mr. FijiWiji Remix)

      Bixel Boys - Empire
      Amtrac - All Night

      +Kasbo - Something Sad - [Free Download!]
      +tennyson - Lay-by - [N/A]

    8. Palette Swapped: Ep.141 - 07/16/14

      One of those shows where I’m totally feeling the music. You know it’s gonna be one of my favorites! Thanks again to Michael Wong for the request tonight! Send me an email (address on the side-bar) if there’s anything you’d like to hear on the air.

      Not many free downloads this week but tons of music videos. Check ‘em out!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release
      ^ indicates request

      Darren Styles & Gammer - You & I (Da Tweekaz Remix) - [Single]
      USAO - LiMiT - [Hardcore Syndrome 7]

      +Chromeo - Jealous (Lenno Remix) - [Free Download!]
      We Are Scientists - Chick Lit (Danger TV Dub) - [Single]
      Madeon - Technicolor - [Single]

      +Porter Robinson - Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone) - [Worlds]
      ^World Order - Mind Shift - [World Order]
      Wax Stag - Leith - [Wax Stag]

      —————Drop Out Orchestra - Mix Session Summer 2014—————
      Achilles & One - Burning (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
      ??? - ???
      Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)

      Sirens Of Lesbos - Long Days, Hot Nights (Drop Out Orchestra’s Miss You Edit)
      ??? - ???
      ??? - ???

      Bag Raiders - Nairobi
      El Gato # 9 - No Lie Can Live Forever (Cat Kills Crow Mix)
      Jakobin & Domino - Need a Dance

      ??? - ???
      Damian Force & Bagrationy - Shoot U
      Plastic Plates - Sweat

      Cassandria Daiva - I Feel This Sound

      +Le Cassette - Electric Paradise - [Left to Our Own Devices]
      The Jetzons - Hard Times - [The Complete Jetzons]
      Gil Mantera’s Party Dream - Elmo’s Wish - [Bloodsongs]

      Satellite Stories - Campfire - [Pine Trails]
      Last Dinosaurs - I Can’t Help You - [In a Million Years]
      New Navy - Oceans - [Uluwatu]

      LOW-PASS - landscape - [trimurti]
      MIRROR - Pass the town, and to the C - [on, then, in]
      toe - Ordinary Days - [The Future Is Now]

      Mogwai - Heard About You Last Night - [Rave Tapes]

    9. Palette Swapped: Ep.140 - 07/09/14

      If you have any requests, please send them to my email (over on the right). It seems that Tumblr has made it so you have to follow people back in order to send messages so that’s kinda annoying.

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release

      +Shirobon - Regain Control (Dougal & Gammer Remix) - [Regain Control - The Remixes]
      +Fracus & Darwin feat. Jessica Palmer - Slip Away - [Filth And Dumb Hatred]

      John B - Mercury Skies - [In:Transit]
      WOODS ALIGHT - The Waters - [Single]
      miii - The Seagull - [MIXIM vol.03 DnB]

      Recue - Bivouac - [All The Wrong Places]
      The Flashbulb - Please Don’t Remember - [Flexing Habitual]
      Datassette - Sync/Glitch - [FZ: Side F]

      ————————Alex Cruz - TVG Guest Mix————————
      Jaymes Young - Parachute (Alex Cruz Remix)
      Daniel Bortz - The Misery Feat. Nils Corssen (Nu And Pauli Vs Acid Remix)
      Sebastien Leger - L’Oreiller (Joachim Pastor Remix)

      Blue Mondays - Sometimes (Riva Starr Remix)
      Damien Jurado - Ohio (Filous Remix)
      Dan Caster - Lead Me Home

      Agnes Obel - Fuel To Fire (Hubert Kirchner Edit)
      Flight Facilities ft. Micky Green - Stand Still (Mario Basanov Remix)
      Mozambo & Kungs ft. Molly - To Describe You

      Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked (Joris Voorn Remix)
      Maximilian Blach & Rafaele Castiglione - Beautiful World Of Fantasy
      Coldplay - Magic (Dan Caster’s Little Zoe Edit)

      +Tom Misch - Memory - [Single]
      Greyhat - Dog - [Free Download!]
      +aywy. X Ekali - Another Girl - [Free Download!]
      +Sharpless - Gemini (Maxo Remix) - [Free Download!]

      Motherchip & Malmen - A Thousand Sunflowers - [Free Download!]
      +Malmen - Let’s Go - [The Sound of SceneSat Volume 3]
      +Malmen - Sugar Flow - [Free Download!]

      +T-Pain feat. Young Joc - Buy U A Drink (AWE’s Marty McFly Bootleg) - [613 - Free Download!]
      Le Matos - King’s Filth - [Join Us]

      Recue - Himanka (Eero Johannes Remix) - [All The Wrong Places]

    10. Palette Swapped: Ep.139 - 07/02/14

      Been completely obsessed with Shovel Knight this past week and took up most of the last hour of tonight’s episode playing music from and regarding it! Both albums featured in that hour can be gotten here (for the soundtrack) and here (for the remix album). THE GAME IS WAY TOO GOOD!

      (Artist - Track - [Album])
      + indicates new release
      ^ indicates request

      +Bassnectar (feat. W. Darling) - You & Me - [Single]
      +Minnesota - Voyager - [Voyager]

      +Sektor - Cloudwalker - [Galaxy of Dreams 2]
      +S.P.Y - Step & Flow - [Back To Basics Chapter One]
      ^猫叉Master - Far east nightbird - [さよなら世界 (Goodbye World)]

      void - Arctic Embrace - [Altersist]
      Junk - Ling Child - [euphorise]
      ^plazma - Daybreaker - [AUTOMAGIC]

      —————Silk Textures 016, Part 2 - Mixed by Da Funk—————
      Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Fred Falke Remix)
      Acumen - Between The Lines (Matthias Meyer Remix)
      Alexander Kornauhoff - Tantra

      André Lodemann - Imagine
      Audio Analysts - L.A. Groove (Alex Sosa Remix)
      Bondax - Giving It All (Extended Version)

      Curses - Deliver
      Edmund - Someone Like You (The Disclosure Project Remix)
      Frosun - En Route (Ewan Rill Remix)

      Jozhy K - Around
      Ross Couch feat. Lazarusman - Wide Open Spaces (Instrumental)
      Shades Of Gray - Drums Of The South (The Timewriter Drumatic Mix)

      Tantsui feat. Therr Maitz - Call (Downtown Party Network Remix)
      Triumph feat. Valldeneu - Discover (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

      +Jake Kaufman - Main Theme - [Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack]
      +Jake Kaufman - Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage) - [Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack]
      +Jake Kaufman - La Danse Macabre (Lich Yard) - [Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack]
      +Jake Kaufman - An Underlying Problem (The Lost City) - [Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack]
      +Jake Kaufman - The Requiem of Shield Knight - [Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack]

      +Jake Kaufman - Shovel Knight Trailer 2 - [Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged]
      +Jake Kaufman - Hyper Camelot (Guest Director Boss Battle) - [Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged]
      +SuperSquare - No Sense Running (Lost City) - [Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged]
      +Jayson Napolitano - A Knight’s Darkest Hour - [Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged]
      +cap_colors - Neon Cave Campfire - [Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged]

      +Mitch Murder - Breakazoid - [Interceptor]
      Le Matos - Light Again (feat. Electric Youth) - [Join Us]

      +Anamanaguchi - Pop It (Shirobon Remix) - [Free Download!]



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